A gorgeous redesign of Chainsaw Man's powers from renowned DC artists

Known for her professional DC and Marvel artwork, Jen Bartel shared fan art of Chainsaw on social media, including fan favorite Fiend, Power.

Jen Bartel, an artist known for her work on DC Comics, shares fan art of Saw's powers. On social media, fan-favorite supporting characters have been reworked in comic-book style. Power has been a standout character in the series, which makes fans' take on her character particularly interesting.

Beginning in 2018, Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw offers comic fans several amazing characters. The shonen manga introduces Denji, Aki, Power, and several other characters battling demons in worlds with parallel histories. Combining dark elements, Chainsaw is an award-winning comic that has recently been the subject of much fan art. There may be more to come, given the recent debut of animation studio MAPPA's animated adaptation.

On Twitter, Jen Bartel shared fan art of Power, one of the demons in Chainsaw Man. Power's friendship with Denji starts off weird, but develops into one of the story's most fascinating dynamics early on. Bartel's artwork includes Fiend's signature horn and places her in a very casual, comfortable outfit that allows her to move freely. Although this is a large deviation From her public safety uniform and traditional look in Saw, Bauer looks fantastic.

Jen Bartel's Power Art Showcases the Artist's Fandom and Skill Simultaneously

This Power fan art is paired with an ongoing video showing Bartel creating her version of Power. Bartel has produced many different covers for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and is known for showcasing other fan art. From Sailor Moon homage to Final Fantasy and Cowboy Bebop art, Battle's artistic vision has spread across numerous fandoms. This recent art incorporates the Chainsaw Man in a beautiful way. Considering Denji's relationship with her cat, Meowy, Power is a good mirror. While Meowy isn't a demon like Pochita, Power cares about her companions just like Denji. She's also pretty scary, and despite her human form, isn't quite human, like the series' anti-heroes. Her enchantment was not the same as his, but similar enough that the two became very close friends, understanding each other's inhuman experiences.

Power quickly became a fan favorite, and will likely continue to do so after her anime debut. she has appeared in other fan art and is often paired with Denji in those productions that focus on their epic friendship. With Saw Man becoming the best-selling comic in recent years, it's likely Ball and her cohorts will feature in even more fan art, even from professional cartoonists known for their work with DC and Marvel.

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