90 Day Fiancé Fans Suspect Veronica's Unused Man Is Kim's Child Jamal

Veronica Rodriguez's modern riddle man was prodded on the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All, but fans think those hands have a place to another TLC star.

On the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All portion 1, Veronica Rodriguez uncovered that she is dating a modern man, and based on the secrets, 90 Day Fiancé fans suspect her puzzle man is none other than Kim Menzies’ child Jamal Menzies. Numerous watchers were excited to listen that Veronica was joining The Single Life season 3 cast, but her storyline was a bit of a disillusionment. In spite of the fact that she had tall trusts for Justin, it turned out he was likely fair utilizing her, and Veronica legitimately called him out for his out of line treatment of her. Veronica and Justin were 100-percent done by the Tell All’s shooting, but Veronica said she features a modern, way better, man in her life presently.

The sneak peaks for the following portion of The Single Life season 3 Tell All prodded film of the puzzle man’s hands, but didn’t dish up to appear the rest of him—keeping his character a mystery for another week. But eagle-eyed fans think they recognize those hands, and think they have a place to Jamal. Fans like Redditor Past_Bar8693 focused in on the particular beaded bracelets on the man’s hands, at the side his rings and skin tone. “Def looks like Jamal to me,” the fan commented in their post, comparing photographs from the Tell All preview clips with photographs of Jamal’s hands. In spite of the fact that most fans within the string concurred that Jamal was a huge step up from Justin, they had issues with the thought of the two 90 Day Fiancé stars in a relationship.

Fans Aren’t Sure They Want To See Veronica & Jamal Date On 90 Day Fiancé

Numerous commenters didn’t think the two were exceptionally congruous, citing things like their 10-year age distinction or geographic remove as reasons why Veronica and Jamal are a terrible coordinate. In any case others didn’t have an issue with them dating, but were attentive around the reality that they are both TLC stars, and didn’t need this to be a relationship for fame’s purpose. “NOOOO JAMAL, NOOOO you're way better than this! Date her, but not on tv!,” one commenter shouted. Another fan concurred, saying, “I think they're well coordinated and I like them to date but not on TV. On the off chance that I saw them in open, I'd think they make sense together. Comparable levels of charm and hotness.”

In spite of the fact that it appears like a matching that comes out of no place, suspicious 90 Day Fiancé watchers may be on to something. There’s no denying that the puzzle man’s hands from The Single Life season 3 Tell All promos see an terrible parcel like Jamal’s. Kim’s child sports the same sort of gems in numerous of his social media posts, so it’s totally conceivable that Veronica’s unused man is Jamal. That seem moreover clarify why Veronica’s ex Tim Malcolm apparently doesn’t favor of her unused relationship. It can be that he doesn’t concur with Veronica and Jamal’s age hole or her dating somebody from the establishment.

In spite of the fact that there’s visual prove to bolster the hypothesis that Vanessa’s unused man is Jamal, in reality it does appear like a extend. The two 90 Day Fiancé establishment stars appear to have more contrasts than commonalities, and it would be astounding in the event that they really have begun a relationship. Gratefully, watchers won’t ought to hold up as well much longer to induce affirmation on whether Veronica and Jamal are an thing.

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