90 Day Fiancé: The 10 Best Male Characters in the Series, According to Reddit

These guys have won fans over despite having too many toxic characters in the 90 Day Fiancé series.

While 90 Day Fiancé may have a plethora of unpleasant men, like the allegedly misogynist Caesar Mack in Season 3 of 90 Days ago, fans begging to only date someone locally, but that doesn't mean there aren't some who deserve the front Endorsed.

Fans on Reddit name their fiancé the best man they think they have for their great compromising attitude and deep, unquestioning care. Even some fan-favorite dads are chosen over their sons, like Jihoon's dad, but others lean more towards couples like Kenny and Armando or perfect husband Kyle. It's a nice reminder that the good guys exist on the show, and they deserve some credit.

Kenny and Armando

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio first appeared in "The Other Way" and quickly became fan favorites, overcoming challenges ranging from homophobia to cultural differences. These two are considered by viewers of the show to be the kindest, most supportive and loving people, especially towards their daughter.

Their hilarious performance on Pillow Talk only fueled further admiration from fans, who hyped each other up and felt grateful for all they had. Considered the most emotional moment of the 90s since they got married in Mexico During their fiancé days, the two continued to share a happy family life. Redditor ThrowRADel agrees, "Kenny and Armando are great people and well worth a watch."


While most fans quickly fall for the dashing O'Neill who Mussel befriends at the airport the day before he meets Ana Mal, but they undoubtedly prefer Omar Albakur, who is still married to his onetime fiancée, Avery Mills.

Despite only appearing in a single season prior to 90 Days, viewers still focus on him and Avery, whose international love story captivates and inspires everyone. The Syrian man proved his love was real and won over fans like OpportunityNorth7714, who said their favorite man on the show was "Omar (Avery's husband)".


As one of the most underrated couples in 90 Day Fianc history, proving their love is still happily married in 2020? , Kyle Huckabee unbelievably compromised with Noon.

Regardless of how his mother perceives Thai culture, the man not only encourages his wife to have a Thai wedding, but even uproots her to live in a more cultured area Asian influence. User summerofevidence commented, "Kyle is hands down the best...he actually cares about his partner's culture." They went on to say, "He's clear about his priorities and understands bringing his wife over from another country Really."


Fans were initially skeptical of Zied Parrott due to the age difference between him and Rebecca, but observers quickly changed their minds when they witnessed the kindness and genuine love he and his family showed for his fiancée.

CurbsideChaos preached, "Zied is a gem, we don't deserve him," and many others agreed. There's no denying that Rebecca and the struggles he and he faced, from lingering divorce to financial problems, were worth every second. After Zied made the amazing proposal to his now-wife and was excited to be a grandfather, he had nothing but the support of his fan base.


Alexey Brovanik was recognized on the show as a terrific fiancé, with an unfathomably strong relationship with Loren, who was and still is completely in love with his wife. Although the two have had their ups and downs, they have stood the test of time and have made great progress in the 10 years they have known each other.

When Roland was insecure with her Tourette Syndrome, despite being an ambassador for the Tourette Society of America, Alexey showed up at the conference where she was speaking and cheered her on. Jeanabelle90 called on the world to "protect that man at all costs" as most fans believed in his greatness. When Loren finally told Alexei's family about her Tourette's disease, she received great support from both of them.


90 Day Fiancé audiences knew Devar Walters had to be one of the best for the show, and his and Hunter's excitement melted the hearts of fans everywhere when they saw Devar Walters meet Melanie's son in person for the first time.

Devar genuinely enjoyed being Hunter's stepfather and dated Melanie responsibly, meeting her several times before the two decided to get engaged. Just looking at Devar's Instagram, anyone with a discerning eye can see how happy the family is together, especially with their new daughter. Shot-Affect4963 agrees, "He cares about his family, seems to be stepping into the stepfather role, and he obviously loves Melanie."


Knowing Alla online for years but managing to keep in touch after each other's past separate divorces, Matt Ryan is Loved by the 90 Day Fiancé community for her unique patience and realism about their relationship.

Like Devar, Matt makes sure he gets to know Alla's son instead of rushing like many of the cast. Alean92, a huge fan of Matt, exclaims: "He really cares about Alla and her son and wants to provide for them. They are still very happy together and now have a little girl too." Good father, blood related or not, it shows.


Now with his first child with Carla, Guillermo Rojer has overcome the odds that his marriage is still valid despite the short duration of the relationship. The Season 9-born Venezuelan man seemed suspiciously hasty in marrying Kara before moving to the US, but all fans' worries evaporated as they realized the pair were just a matter of heads — each other's heels.

Guillermo will always be remembered as the perfect fiancé, a testament to his caring nature and loyalty as he was happily married to the greatest family he could have asked for. User pacificnorthblessed agreed, saying Guillermo was, "Such a sweet man! He just wanted to give some kids balloons!"

Hong Ju Lee (Jihoon Lee's Dad)

Lee Hong Joo Many don't get much screen time with The Other Way, but he's arguably the best dad in the franchise. The Korean touched fans' hearts when she apologized to Deavan after she had to travel the country a second time with her newborn baby and Drascilla in season 2.

Relying solely on translation, Hong Ju regrets that her son has not found a stable job, and is also angry that she cannot send money to her to support her grandson. Like many others, when asked who is the best male character on 90 Day Fiancé, turbolent_toad said, "Jihoon's father."


Another 90 Day Fiancé man, initially needed to use a translation app to communicate , but with a heart of gold, is Anna's current husband, Mursel Mistanoglu. From joining Anna's beekeeping business, Beauty and the Bees, to treating her children as his own, the Turkish man has won fans.

Redditor haggynaggytwit says, "Mursel, a beekeeper from Turkey, is a nice guy. Simple, but a nice guy." He shows how long-distance couples can thrive, not raise their own kids Become the owner of a furniture store with Anna.

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