10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize Pirates Of The Caribbean

They're the most successful films about pirates in movie history, and a huge inspiration for the hilarious memes that could sum up the franchise.

Margot Robbie has confirmed she is canceling her Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off. With most fans predicting production will be halted following Johnny Depp's firing from the successful franchise, many are still heartbroken by the latest news.

With five films released between 2003 and 2017 and grossing over $1 billion (according to Box Office Mojo), it's safe to say that Pirates of the Caribbean is the most successful pirate franchise in film history. Despite its abrupt end, fans continue to return to the film, some of whom have been finding inspiration for the hilarious memes that pretty much sum it up.

The Positive Fanbase

Most people forget that Pirates of the Caribbean is based on a Disneyland theme park ride that has been a classic attraction since 1967. As a result, the franchise has always remained in Disney's hands.

As the meme points out, while other big franchises have been acquired by Disney - like Marvel and Star Wars - and there have been complaints about the company's twist on their films and series, Pirates of the Caribbean have been great From the beginning, it's all thanks to Disney's approach to franchises.

Most Pirates End Up Cursed

A pirate's life is not easy. Evading the law, facing the mythical creatures of the ocean, and the rough waters of the high seas make it hard for them to survive. Fortunately—or unfortunately—most characters in Pirates of the Caribbean are always under some kind of curse that makes them immortal.

Barbossa's crew turns into living skeletons at night, while Davy Jones' crew turns into humanoid sea creatures. As the meme hilariously depicts, most people are just looking for immortality to face the evil ocean, however, in the case of Davy Jones' crew, most don't understand what that means, they're going to be sea creatures. Their harsh living conditions as hosts to molluscs and sea animals have made them fans of movie villains, but the memes do make their curses look funny.

Ships Get Stolen

The glory and pride of pirates are their ships. Whether it's the captain or a member of the crew, the desire to ride in a boat that's fast and strong is palpable. So most of the time the characters in the movie always steal the ship from other captains.

The Black Pearl was taken from Jack Sparrow, as the meme comically points out, but the same can be said for Barbossa and other characters in the series. Needless to say, the jaw-dropping quest for treasure while stealing a ship makes Pirates of the Caribbean one of the brightest movies in a bottle.

A Pirate's Drunk Life

The pirates liked to drink rum all day while staying in Tortuga or sailing out to sea. Drinking was implicit in their way of life, so it's not hard to believe that their love of alcohol was the reason they became pirates in the first place.

It's funny to imagine Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush accepting the roles of Captain Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa because of a few drinks, which would explain why They are so good at playing drunk sailors.

There's Never Enough Rum

Jack Sparrow would agree that there's never enough rum in any movie. Either Elizabeth Swan burned his stash, he drank it all, or unfortunately, someone else got it first. It's safe to say that of all the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, has a 404 error that makes rum inaccessible.

This may be dire news for Jack, there will never be enough alcohol, but without the lack of alcohol, the franchise would not have had many golden moments of comedy and quotes, including Sparrow's famous "Why is the rum gone ?”. Needless to say, it's Jack's relationship with rum -- including his behavior under its influence -- that makes him one of Johnny Depp's best roles.

James Norrington Is An Amazing Character

At first, most people thought James Norrington was a villain, but when Lord Cutler Beckett appeared, it became clear who the real villain was. Norrington, despite being an officer in the British Old Navy and the East India Trading Company, was a man of integrity who always endeavored to do the right thing.

He didn't have one of the best movie character introductions, and most people found him boring at first - including Elizabeth - however, as the series went on, fans were able to appreciate him more, and the meme accurately pointed out Many of his attributes make him an exceptional figure.

Lord Beckett Loves Doing Bussiness

Lord Beckett only cared about money, despite repeated warnings not to do so As the meme hilariously depicts, he always chose the plan that was likely to bring him and the East India Trading Company the greatest fortune. As a result, he suddenly became a despicable villain. Although he is not a pirate, he is really the worst one.

He paid the price for his stubborn actions, eventually dying in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and with his death, the Eastern Trading Company collapsed. This is a relief considering the Eastern Trading Company was responsible for the slave trade.


As hardcore Pirates of the Caribbean fans know, a LEGO video game based on the series was released in 2011, and although it seemed to have a more family-friendly tone, it surprised everyone with Davy Jones Behead a crew member and attach his head to a fish.

Yes, there is a bit of violence involving swordsmanship and guns in the movie, but it never gets to the point of decapitating a character. The LEGO characters make it look sillier - considering they don't die when their heads come off - but As a concept, it's still far more violent than anything that's been done in the franchise before, which is already pretty action-packed.

Elizabeth Gets All The Attention

Without a doubt, Elizabeth Swan is one of Keira Knightley's best period characters. Elizabeth is strong, brave, and smart. Inevitably, she wins everyone's heart, and for most of the movie, she's the center of attention for all the pirates, officers, blacksmiths, and governors alike.

In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, she gets all of Barbossa's attention, although in this unique case, it's because he thinks Elizabeth is Butterstep's daughter. Still, it's safe to say that what the meme depicts happened not only in the first movie, but on multiple occasions, with everyone loving the swan as their favourite.

The Kraken Is Iconic

Davy Jones' pet is one of the most iconic mythological creatures of all time. The Kraken has been featured in many pirate stories, and it's no surprise that it has an epic appearance in Pirates of the Caribbean. While some believe the creature is pure fantasy, there are theories that sightings of the giant squid may have originated from this myth (via Insider).

Hence, it is comical to imagine a giant Squid surfaced to ask if the crew was marked as a black spot as the meme depicted. Although in real life, if a giant squid surfaced, it probably wouldn't be able to eat a certain Jack Sparrow because they're much smaller.

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