10 Harsh Realities About Rewatching 'The Last of Us'

With HBO's The Last of Us series right around the corner, many fans will find themselves replaying the original game. They may regret it.

HBO's The Last of Us series is just a few weeks away from premiering on January 15, 2023, and in anticipation, many gamers will find themselves revisiting the spectacular survival horror game it was based on. Die-hard fans have played the game multiple times, but that means replaying it will likely be even more tedious than the last time.

Despite The Last of Us' neo-classic status, new players still have to face some harsh realities. From the reduced shock value to having to watch a favorite character die again, it's not easy to relive the horrors of the game.

Isn’t As Challenging The Second Time Around

Fighting the Infested enemies throughout the level is a tense life-and-death fight, not knowing what's jumping out of the corner.

However, the second time around, the adrenaline drops significantly, which cannot be ignored. It takes away a lot of the real pain in the games fans love to play when players remember the exact areas where jump scares and powerful enemies like stalkers are located.

It's Hard To Watch Joel and Ellie Be Betrayed Again

The Last of Us Filled with more than a few heart-wrenching betrayals, like using her brain to find a cure when Fireflies reveal their true motives for Ellie. Even as early as the first chapter of the first part, the two-faced character begins to undermine the player's trust.

Rather than being shocked by being cheated, fans felt even worse for Joel and Ellie, who couldn't take a break from this close game. Most importantly, knowing what's coming but being powerless to counteract either can leave players feeling helpless or numb to wrongdoing.

Bloaters Are Just As Annoying

Possibly one of the worst video game worlds, The Last of Us is home to many terrifying and deformed creatures that would send most people running in the opposite direction. The heaviest hitter in the game takes a little getting used to and presents a risk every time.

Bloaters in particular are always a nasty threat when first encountered, and remain a pain in the ass. As they move slowly, then spontaneously dash to knock down anything that gets in their way, they all wear thick fungal armor and With the ability to hurl pustules and emit poisonous clouds, the heavily infected creature is a total threat. They are somehow more annoying when facing them in the second or third round of the game, simply because the player is less afraid of them and may find that they are just a chore to deal with rather than Face the horribly entertaining.

Plot Twists Are Unsurprising Yet Sad

While they still resonate, the plot twists are no longer jaw-dropping the second time around, no matter how effective they once were.

From Ellie's immunity in "Outdated" to finding out Firefly's true intentions in "Part One," each spiral of fate has been a guiding light for it to win multiple Game of the Year awards. Every pivotal moment that makes a big difference to a player is equally heart-wrenching, but loses its inherent shock factor and leaves fans with a dull ache in their hearts.

The Farmhouse Conversation Stings Even More

Once the player knows what happens next after Joel and Ellie arrive at the farmhouse, they will dread having to go through the mixed emotions of the conversations that took place there. at the end Our best interaction from part one, son-daughter duo Joel decides to leave Ellie and Tommy to go their separate ways, and Ellie delivers a frustrating monologue.

Watching Ellie desperately try to convince Joel not to leave, digging into her own deep-seated insecurities and comparing herself to Joel's late daughter (to no avail), the player can't help but cringe at the man's indifference. It became a shockingly profound moment, as fans remembered subsequent episodes, such as Ellie being captured by David, and especially the tragic events that took place in The Last of Us Part 2.

Players Must Handicap Themselves To Keep Combat Interesting

After many playthroughs, it's best for players to get creative with their weapon usage to spice up the combat and keep the game challenging. Although, this would also make the gameplay way too boring and slower paced.

Without the threat of being murdered by the enemy, The Last of Us loses quite a bit of its edge, even with its incredible story and characters. By weakening yourself in the face of danger, the elements that keep the game engaging are better preserved, though it never achieves the same terrifying feel as the game did before.

The Ending Is Less Fulfilling

as one of As the best third-person horror game ever made, The Last of Us Part One's ending is undeniably memorable and far-reaching, despite its palpable sadness.

When Joel lies to Ellie about what happened after Firefly Hospital, the players don't know who to feel sorry for. Regardless, Joel's finding new meaning in Ellie's presence is touching and important, but now that fans know the harsh realities of Part 2, its prequel ending is decidedly less satisfying.

Watching Ellie’s Innocence Dissipate Is Even More Painful

Bright and bright Ellie, who seems a little too mature for her age, has been hardened by many traumatic experiences. Her innocence reaches its peak (almost over) after she murders David and Joel embraces her with the warmest hugs, comforts her while calling her "baby girl".

Unfortunately, Ellie becomes bitter and vengeful in The Last of Us Part II, despite Joel's best efforts to desperately want to keep part of the child she has left behind. Realizing what would happen to this girl made fans want to cry over the loss of her childhood and happy adult life.

Escaping The Firefly Hospital Is Just As Tricky

part one of course The hardest part of saving comes at the end, as the harrowing final battle to escape Salt Lake City's FIrefly Hospital forces players to dodge armored and heavily armed soldiers that could kill Joel in an instant.

When players test their skills the next time around, they quickly find that combat is just as difficult as the first time around, even knowing what to expect. The thematic element of the scene is something all fans have come to expect to see in the HBO series, which sees Joel trying to work his way around St. Mary's Hospital as a leap of faith for Ellie's life.

Character Deaths Hurt More

The voice actors did such a good job of accentuating the disturbing tone of the scene before their deaths that they will never be forgotten by fans. Watching moments like Tess' last stand or Sam and Henry's tragic deaths weigh heavily on the shoulders of players, no matter how many times they play the game.

Joel's death in part 2 is the saddest because she knows how Ellie cut him off and avoided him because he lied to her To her loving father, only to regret deeply after Joel was murdered by Abby. Not only did fans have to mourn Joel, but they also had to watch Ellie go mad after losing her father figure after treating him so badly, which just cut the knife even deeper.

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