10 Gaming Websites Each '00s Kid Was Fixated With

These websites are beyond any doubt to bring back the 2000s wistfulness within the online gamer in everybody.

Butterfly clips, trucker caps, and Motorola Razr flip phones all shout the 2000s. Whereas the decade of the 2000s had its possess issues like each decade, later a long time have appeared individuals having sentimentality for the primary decade of the thousand years.

Whether it was 2000s styles or motion pictures, millennials are longing for the days when they were kids and went through all day on dial-up web. Something that was all the seethe for kids and high schoolers of the 2000s was online gaming. These websites are beyond any doubt to bring back the 2000s wistfulness within the online gamer in everybody.


A shrewd and inventive showcasing strategy, the Post/Kraft company (the one behind everyone's favorite cereals and mac and cheese) made an online site in 2001 that had diversions highlighting the cereals of the brand like Fruity/Cocoa Stones, Honeycomb, and Brilliant Fresh among others.

A few diversions included Bedrock Bobsleddin' Blowout for the Fruity/Cocoa Stones cereal and Oreo O's Creme Group Travel themed for the Oreo O's cereal. Afterward on, cereal boxes would have codes called Postokens that may be utilized to open select diversions, cheats, and additional levels.


For the Barbie Young lady of the 2000s, Barbie.Com was the put to go for online recreations. On this Barbie centric site, clients might play a diversion that permitted them to bolster Child Krissy or play a diversion that let them makeover Barbie. For anybody who is needing to remember their Y2K Barbie wistfulness, the great individuals at Babe.net complied a few of the recreations that were accessible to play on Barbie.com and given joins to the recreations themselves or how to reach the recreations. In the event that one wants to immersive themselves within the Barbie daydream some time recently the energizing Barbie comedy motion picture coming out in 2023, Barbie.com is still up and running yet distinctive from its 2000s adaptation.

Gaia Online

A gaming site with an anime tilt, Gaia Online has gone through numerous changes in its time. Most 2000s gamers will recognize Gaia Online as a social gaming location that had a informing gathering. The location was madly prevalent with over 7 million month to month clients in 2008 as detailed by Virtual World News.

On Gaia Online, clients may make their claim avatar and plan it to their enjoying. When playing recreations, clients seem pick up Gaia money which they seem utilize to purchase things for their avatar or a blessing for another client.

Star Doll

One of the world's biggest online mold communities, Star Doll was the location to go to for dress-up diversions. On Star Doll clients may dress up their favorite celebrities that were the celebrities du jour of the time. Too, clients may fashion themselves concurring to the most recent patterns. This site no question propelled thousands of individuals around the World Wide Web to seek after a career in design, much appreciated to all the beautician and design diversions.


Focused on to kids from ages 6 to 15, beginning in 2007, Poptropica in an internet part playing diversion. Fun truth; the maker of Poptropica, Jeff Kinney, is the same man behind another staple of the late 2000s, the Journal of a Weak Kid arrangement turned motion pictures. Numerous of the recreations on Poptropica are centered around issue fathoming. Be that as it may, Poptropica made issue understanding fun through amusement journey scenarios called "Islands" that players would ought to lock in in problem-solving aptitudes to effectively explore.


With various streak recreations to select from, Miniclip was exceedingly addictive. A few fun choices were On the Run, Rise Buggy, and Flatboat Wars. At the time, Miniclip was website that guaranteed true blue and secure diversions that were effortlessly open without much look browsing. Whereas the recreations on Miniclips's browser location are not there, the recreations are accessible to play on versatile instep. Since versatile gaming got to be the gaming mode of choice, the evacuation of browser diversions on Miniclip was bound to happen. Much like how kids nowadays would likely not recognize these browser recreations, there are overlooked contraptions of the 2000s that kids won't recognize nowadays.

Addicting Games

With a wide cluster of recreations to select from, it's no ponder why this site is called Addicting Diversions. With a few categories to select from counting activity, clever, and methodology diversions, the site too advertised a multiplayer choice permitting companions to play together.

A incredible asset to go to at no cost online diversions, Addicting Recreations, propelled in 2002, had a enormous hold on the slew of online gamer populace that was predominant within the modern thousand years.


Discharged in 2001, Runescape was a free, daydream role-playing online diversion that was multiplayer. Each LARPer who couldn't manage a World of Warcraft membership would run to Runescape within the 2000s. In Runscape, players elude into the world of Gielinor, a medieval daydream domain where clients can cast enchanted spells, encounter beasts, and go on legendary journeys with a customizable avatar. Encourage, players may associated within the amusement through exchanging and chatting as well as playing mini-games inside Runescape.

Habbo Hotel

This Finnish company, established in 2000, Habbo Inn extended to over 150 nations, locks in teenagers and youthful grown-ups all over the globe. On Habbo, players make their claim avatar where they can do diverse reenactment exercises like plan rooms and lookout of virtual pets in expansion to chat with others and make and play their claim recreations. Whereas Habbo Lodging may have delighted in its crest within the 2000s, the location still delighted in more than 800,000 month to month dynamic clients as of January 2021 concurring to Stash Gamer.


Advertising cool streak diversions such Adhere RPG, Father 'n' Me and Outsider Primate, Newgrounds moreover had curiously recordings to watch. Frequently respected as playing an imperative portion within the web culture of the 2000s and indeed 2010s, Newgrounds has been famous as the put where artists as well as autonomous gaming engineers were able to grandstand their work and pick up a taking after for said work. Newgrounds is still up and working nowadays, so those who wish to remember their 2000s wistfulness can check it out and see how the website's been kept up to date.

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