10 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

From tracking and fitness apps to apps that keep you on track with a new diet, technology can help everyone keep their New Year's resolutions.

New Year's resolutions are much easier than keeping them, and everyone knows how hard it is to keep them past the beginning of January. While technology won't allow anyone to stick to their goals in the new year, it can certainly help a lot.

There is no shortage of mobile apps available to help provide the motivation needed to fulfill New Year's commitments. From fitness apps that give you more reasons to keep exercising, to journaling apps that make sure you don't give up on any of your goals this January, there's plenty of software to check out this New Years.

Strides: Goal Tracker Provides All-Round Habit-Tracking

Available On iOS ($4.99/Month Or $29.99/year)

Whether trying to break a habit or create a new, healthy one, a habit tracker can go a long way, and few offer more advice than Strides. While it's not cheap, the app makes up for it by offering almost all the functionality of similar apps in one place. ^Tackling these habits with a running calendar, the ability to set due dates and reminders, detailed progress reports, and the ability to set up routines, it covers pretty much everything Everything, no matter what your New Year's resolution is. Most importantly, its user-friendly design ensures that it does not feel overloaded.

One of the hardest things about sticking to New Year's resolutions is that goals like "stay healthy" and "be more active" are too vague to keep things moving. Active Network's Couch to 5K® promises to deliver the clear purpose needed to get users off the couch.

Couch to 5K® Gives Users A Clear Goal To Complete

Available On Android And iOS ($4.99)

Not only that, but it offers a full 9-week program for $4.99, including daily activities to complete, and promises users will be able to run a 5K by the end. After that, it's up to the user to stay active, but it's a good start to anyone's fitness program.

For anyone interested in how journaling can help with self-improvement but wondering if it will work for them, there are two important reasons to choose 5 Minute Journal. One is that it only requires a 5-minute daily commitment, which is something anyone can do, and two is that it also requires no monetary commitment, although premium features are locked behind a subscription.

5 Minute Journal Makes Journaling Easy To Get Into

Available On Android And iOS (Free Or $4.99/Month For Premium)

this makes it perfect For anyone who's just dipped their toes in the journaling app water. It also boasts a simple and effective user interface and provides prompts when users need inspiration to keep them going. For some, it's an app they can't live without.

Whether you're a user who hasn't taken full advantage of a Fitbit, someone wondering if a fitness device is worth buying, or someone just looking for an app that can track general fitness stats, the Fitbit app could be the perfect answer. Although it Works best with Fitbit devices, but the MobileTrack feature means it can use the smartphone itself to collect data.

Fitbit Provides Detailed Feedback To Make Hitting Goals Feel Good

Available On Android And IOS (Free Or $9.99/Month For Premium)

As a high-end Google product, it has the qualities users have come to expect from the company. The main appeal of the Fitbit is the level of detail in its analytics, so it's best paired with an actual Fitbit device, where viewing detailed progress broken down into a bunch of different graphs can make staying fit more appealing.

Many of the top fitness apps available are heavily exercise-focused, but that's only half the story of staying fit. Because many people's New Year's resolutions focus on eating better After all the holiday indulgence, an app focused on nutrition and better eating might be more appropriate.

MyFitnessPal Is A Fitness App With A Focus On Nutrition

Available On Android And IOS (Free Or $9.99/Month For Premium)

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular examples, with 2.5 million ratings on Google Play and 1.5 million on the iOS App Store, and for good reason. Described as "like having a nutrition coach, intermittent fasting tracker, meal planner, and food diary at your fingertips," it promises to help anyone make changes to their lifestyle in the coming year.

For anyone looking for a year that is a little less stressful than last year, there are tons of apps that offer great ways to get into meditation and mindfulness. Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps for a number of reasons, not least because of its promise to help you fall asleep.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation Can Help To Tackle Stress

Available On Android And IOS (Free Or $12.99/Month For Headspace Plus)

With short, low-intensity meditation sessions, personalized recommendations based on user activity, and tools to track your entire journey, it's perfect for anyone concerned about lack of motivation to meditate. The only hangup might be the $12.99/month or $69.99/year subscription fee to unlock all features of the app.

for anyone Want a high-quality habit tracker, but don't like the subscription model of apps like Strides, Streaks is a great alternative solution for building and breaking those all-important habits. The app's premise is pretty simple—add the satisfaction of building unbroken streaks to something that usually feels bland.

Streaks Provides A Cheaper Option For Maintaining Habits

Available On iOS ($4.99)

It might not have all the features of Strides, but it has all the essentials of a habit tracking app, including schedule reminders, stat breakdowns, and even the ability to link it to a health app and automate fitness goals. Simple and beautiful user interface is the most important.

While New Years often means having lots of other people chasing their goals and keeping each other motivated, the sense of community that makes achieving goals fun can also fade quickly. That's why it's worth investing in an app where the community is a big part of it.

WW/WeightWatchers Is The Best For Community

Available On Android And iOS (Plans Start From $19.99/Month)

Plans for the WW/WeightWatchers app start at $19.99 per month, which is not a small investment, but for that money, members get expert advice, a nutrition plan that can be customized to the user's eating habits, and a host of 24/7 support system. For anyone who gets the most motivation from a sense of community, there's no better choice than the WW app.

Another option for tracking habits and keeping New Year's resolutions is Way of Life, whose strongest selling point is its simple but attractive design. Few tracking apps are better than Way of Life for the ability to see at a glance how your goals are being achieved.

Way Of Life Provides Clean And Easy-To-Read Habit Tracking

Available On Android And iOS (Free Or Premium From $3.99)

The only problem is that the free version only allows users to add a few items to their "log", which means it's not a good representation of the entire application. Instead, the premium version, which is reasonably priced and has an unlimited number of items, is probably the way to go. ^January is the month when gym memberships explode, but it often becomes a wasted purchase because people end up never actually taking advantage of it. Fortunately, OrangeTheory Live allows its members to take advantage of their gym memberships even from home.

The app offers a fully interactive experience, including sessions with expert trainers to keep users motivated while exercising in the lobby, and also comes with All kinds of stats and trackers you can get from one of the best fitness apps.

OrangeTheory Live Makes Your Home A Gym

Available On OrangeTheory Fitness (OrangeTheory Membership Required)

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