Why Number One Wasn't Captured For Her To begin with Bizarre Unused Universes Wrongdoing

Number One was captured at the conclusion of Unusual Unused Universes season 1, but she moreover broke another major League law within the arrangement debut.

Lt. Commander Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn) was captured at the conclusion of Star Journey: Interesting Unused Universes season 1, but here's what happened within the arrangement debut that avoided Starfleet from tossing the book at her and at Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount). Number One was taken detainee on Kiley 279, which is what incited Pike to dispatch the Starship Venture on a protect mission. Pike, Spock (Ethan Peck), and La'an Noonien Singh (Christina Chong) liberated Una and the researchers of the USS Toxophilite, but they sidestepped disciplines for their infringement of the Prime Order.

Una was captured on Kiley 279 since of an unforeseeable botch made by Starfleet. Una was sent on board the USS Toxophilite to make To begin with Contact with Kiley 279 after a twist signature was identified. But Kiley 279 really built a twist bomb for one group to utilize in their gracious war. Number One inadvertently uncovered the presence of outsiders to Kiley 279's pre-warp civilization, which breaks Common Arrange 1, but it was really Starfleet's unforeseen mistake. In any case, Pike's protect made advance complications since he chose to uncover the USS Endeavor to Kiley 279 and the Captain specifically meddled in their planetary strife. But Pike's bet worked, and Kiley 279 ceased dangers to work together toward a common future investigating space, much obliged to Pike's motivation.

Star Trek: Discovery Caused Una's Prime Directive Violation

Captain Pike did spare Number One in Bizarre Unused Worlds' debut, but he might have possibly caused a greater catastrophe on Kiley 279. Luckily, Pike's arrangement worked, which is one reason why the Captain and the Venture group weren't brought up on charges for their net infringement of Common Arrange 1, which was authoritatively renamed the Prime Mandate. Captain Pike, Una, Spock, and the others were kept out of imprison since Chief of naval operations Robert April (Adrian Holmes) utilized all of his drag with the League Tall Court, but what truly spared their bacon was the occasions of Star Journey: Disclosure season 2's finale, which incidentally moreover caused the Kiley 279 calamity within the to begin with put.

Star Journey: Revelation season 2 finished with a gigantic space fight between the USS Undertaking, the USS Revelation, and their partners against a robot armada worked by Control, Area 31's rebel danger appraisal program that attempted to wipe natural life from the world. But the truth approximately Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the USS Revelation time traveling to the 32nd century was redacted from Starfleet records. Kiley 279 created their twist bomb from watching Starfleet innovation amid Discovery's fight with Control, but since that strife never authoritatively took put, the League couldn't recognize how Kiley 279 picked up twist innovation, and this escape clause spared Pike and the Undertaking.

Lying On Official Records Is The Worse Starfleet Crime

Number One, Pike, and the Venture incidentally, and after that intentionally, broke Common Arrange 1 on Kiley 279, but Una was eventually captured for a more regrettable Starfleet wrongdoing: lying on official records. Una did not uncover and kept mystery the truth that she is Illyrian, which could be a race that practices genetic counseling. Hereditary building is prohibited within the Joined together Alliance of Planets, but Una needed to connect Starfleet, so she lied. Interesting Modern Universes scene 3, "Phantoms of Illyria," uncovered the truth approximately Number One, and Captain Pike bolstered Una's lie and mystery out of dependability. But some way or another, her mystery got out and Una was set in irons.

Starfleet has zero resilience for lying on official records since it speaks to a net infringement of the code of honor Starfleet Officers are sworn to maintain. In Star Journey Into Haziness, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) nearly demolished his career since he lied on an official report after he broke the Prime Mandate on Nibiru in arrange to spare Spock's (Zachary Quinto) life. There are now and then great reasons to abuse the Prime Mandate, but it's much more troublesome to legitimize lying to Starfleet. It'll be captivating to see how Lt. Commander Una Chin-Riley gets out of this stick so that Number One can return to the Starship Endeavor in Star Journey: Unusual Unused Universes season 2.

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