The Wonder Universe's Unused Extreme Reprobate Is Formally Uncovered

The final issue of Protectors uncovers a unused, enigmatic danger from past reality that's set to be the Wonder Multiverse’s extreme foe: The Puzzler.

Warning: SPOILERS for Defenders: Beyond #5

The extreme foe of the Wonder Multiverse itself is at long last uncovered as The Puzzler, a strange constrain that stands over all creation, and is coming to conclusion reality. The travel of the Shields has brought the group to go up against God himself, and the One Over All has given them a see of the foe of Endlessness, the exemplification of the Multiverse that The Conundrum is undermining to crush.

Guards: Past is the continuation to Al Ewing and Javier Rodrìguez acclaimed Shields. In both arrangement, a group of heroes is put together by overwhelming, enchanted strengths to secure Endlessness and the Multiverse itself. Whereas in Guards the heroes had a clear adversary, a frantic researcher traveling in reverse through time called Carlo Zota, in Guards: Past the team's mission was to discover out the character of a modern risk to Forever. After traveling through each past emphasis of the Multiverse, the Protectors arrive at the final conceivable halt: the House of Thoughts, the put of extreme creation and the home of Marvel's assumed "God", the One Over All, who holds the answers they look for.

In Shields: Past #5, by Al Ewing and Javier Rodrìguez, the One Over All tests the Guards with a taunt fight, some time recently consenting to reply their questions. Adam Brashear, aka Blue Wonder, the de facto pioneer of the group, inquires that they fulfill their mission, to see the confront of Eternity's adversary. The One Over All at that point gives the Protectors a insignificant see of something that their minds cannot completely get a handle on. In Blue Marvel's words: "Something tremendous, coming for our reality. A crown over all things." The visual painted by Rodrìguez is shocking as normal, and it portrays a colossal crown floating over a few universes, taking a diverse angle in each reality.

The Enigma Is The New Ultimate Enemy Of The Marvel Multiverse

The One Over All calls this secretive substance The Puzzler, and no other title might have been more fitting. The Shields still ought to interpret the enormous imagery behind their vision, but judging from Loki's enigmatic proposal, the reply lies within the magical tarot deck utilized to perform the spell that brought the Protectors together. Within the to begin with issue of the arrangement, when the Guards were summoned by the spell cleared out behind by Dr. Interesting, the card of the Ten of Crowns spoken to Tigra, so The Conundrum might be associated to this character. Tigra did not have a prominent role in Guards: Past and her nearness within the group felt a bit odd, meaning that maybe Ewing has more things in store for her.

A see of The Conundrum was to begin with seen by Loki after he survived the annihilation of the Seven Universe, and some time recently he landed in Taaia's 6th Universe (in Thor #24). The God of Stories portrays this unused adversary as a danger from past the edge of time, past the Multiverse itself, and this is often why the Guards had to travel all the way to the House of Thoughts to discover a clue around its personality. Presently that the Defenders' mission is completed, the as it were thing that Wonder fans can do is to keep holding up until the genuine character and reason of this modern danger to the Multiverse, The Conundrum, are at long last uncovered.

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