The Vampire Journals: Each Major Book Character Cleared out Out Of The Arrangement

Whereas there were noteworthy changes made whereas deciphering The Vampire Journals books to TV, these ten primary book characters were cleared out out inside and out.

Whereas The Vampire Diaries's official maker Julie Plec is working on the Vampire Foundation adjustment, numerous TVD fans are starting to feel unfastened. There were unused scenes of the establishment coming out for thirteen a long time some time recently Legacies was canceled, which nonattendance has been felt. One put fans may see to fill that hole is the first book arrangement by L. J. Smith. The authenticity of the books got convoluted much appreciated to numerous ghostwriters and non-canon sections, but there are as of now 38 stories for interested fans to investigate.

Whereas numerous characters from The Vampire Journals are immensely distinctive from their novel partners, there are too bounty of characters that didn't make it into the arrangement at all. Numerous of these characters were cut since their species as a entire didn't exist within the show, which restricted the most characters to as it were those who were human, vampires, werewolves, or witches. Cuts happen in each adjustment, but these 10 major book characters might have been exceptionally curiously increases to the universe, had The Vampire Journals been composed in an unexpected way.

Honoria Fell

Within the books, the town of Spiritualist Falls was really called Fell's Church. This was in reference to Honoria Fell, who was the town's author. She was a capable witch who secured the town from vampires and werewolves all through her life and passing. Honoria had Bonnie a few times, attempting to ensure Elena and the town.

The character existed within the arrangement as a part of the Founder's Board who attempted to murder all the vampires, but her claim powerful nature was disposed of, and in this way she had no contact with the gather within the cutting edge day. This contributed to the thought that Spiritualist Falls was totally typical until 2009, which makes essentially less sense than the town's proceeding extraordinary conventions.

Caleb Smallwood

Caleb was Tyler's cousin, who acquired the werewolf quality but never activated it. Instep, he had the capacity to utilize enchantment, which caused him to keep two sets of recollections after the gatekeepers intruded within the world. Caleb needs to discover out what happened to Tyler after taking off town but is eventually unsuccessful.

Caleb has no partner in any of the tv arrangement, with the closest estimation being Trust Mikaelson earlier to activating her werewolf quality. Both had a skill for spellwork that sometimes got fiercely out of control and a parcel of complicated feelings when it came to family. Be that as it may, there was no require for a character to seek for Tyler within the arrangement, as he was a decently show character.


Zander was an Original Werewolf, which implied that he was plummeted from the primary werewolves, instead of changing from a nibble. This gives him control over his changes comparable to the show's half breeds or wolves utilizing moonlight special necklaces. He closes up being a adore intrigued for Bonnie for a few books, indeed wedding her within The Salvation arrangement.

Whereas Zander doesn't have a partner within The Vampire Journals, a few of his characteristics are comparable to Jackson Kenner from The Firsts, especially with his ties to set up werewolf communities. Numerous fans dismiss him since he was an expansion to the ghostwritten books, but the appear may have profited from a less rough werewolf to differentiate with Tyler.

Sue Carson

Sue Carson was a near companion of Elena and Bonnie's, but she didn't conclusion up getting dragged into the extraordinary world the way the others did. She was show in each book within the unique arrangement, but as it were in a minor capacity. In any case, she got to be fantastically critical in Dull Gathering when she was slaughtered by Tyler in a custom to actuate his werewolf quality.

Since she had such a minor part some time recently her passing, the arrangement cut her out through and through. In her put was Sarah, who was as it were in two scenes of the appear, showing up fair to be murdered by Tyler. Sue's passing would have had more affect, but the conclusion result finished up being lovely comparative.

Misao And Shinichi

Misao and Shinichi were twin kitsunes, fox spirits from Japanese fables. They were major reprobates who utilized animals called Malachs to control Damon and Caroline. Shinichi was one of the evilest characters within the arrangement, pleasing in causing hurt to others. Misao was less malignant, but she certainly wasn't great.

The twins might have been an curiously expansion to the arrangement, but they would have opened the entryway to more powerful species than the appear needed to address. Shinichi's happy state of mind toward brutality might have motivated Kai's character in season six, whereas Misao was more associated to Sybil in season 8.


Sage was a central character within The Return and The Seeker arrangement, where he was presented as an ancient vampire born within the Press Age. In expansion to being a vampire, Sage is the child of the Demon and a Gatekeeper (blessed messenger) himself, which is how he met the center bunch. In expansion, he is near companions with Damon, in spite of the fact that there's a few proposal of sentiment between them.

Within the appear, a character named Sage did exist, but she had nothing in common with the book character other than her title and vampirism. It might have been interesting to see Sage appear up within the eighth season when the Fiend was presented, but the need of gatekeepers within the arrangement would have made the character amazingly troublesome to present.

Mrs. Theophilia Flowers

Within the books, Stefan moved to Fell's Church from Italy, moving into the nearby boarding house that was claimed and run by Mrs. Flowers. She was an partner to the most bunch and appeared to know more than she let on, uncovering within The Return arrangement that she was really a witch who had been lively for over a hundred a long time.

The character really was cast and said within the tv arrangement, in spite of the fact that it was effectively missed. Played by Jackie Prucha, Mrs. Blooms showed up within the season two scene "Disguise," though she didn't serve much of a part within the story. Whereas she wasn't vital to the plot, her enchanted know-how may have in part impacted Sheila Bennett's character.

Margaret Gilbert

When adjusting The Vampire Journals, the showrunners chosen to totally reproduce Elena's kin, supplanting youthful Margaret with the disturbed youngster Jeremy. Margaret was distinctly mindful of the world around her, but something else had an awfully minor part within the story due to her age. Were she within the appear, be that as it may, she would have had an awfully comparative appearance to Elena and Katherine, who both looked more just like the show's Caroline.

While fans wrangle about whether they like Jeremy, he was a character that had organization within the arrangement. To present Margaret, they would have had to drastically increment her age, which would fundamentally alter her part. In any case, she seem have been a great way to present the Gatekeeper heredity within the appear, had that been a heading they needed to seek after.


Inari was maybe the most prominent scalawag in L. J. Smith's books, as the major opponent of The Return arrangement. She was an antiquated kitsune (and maybe a Shinto god) who was disturbed with her physical maturing. She imagined to be a friend's grandma and organized assaults on Fell's Rivulet, maybe counting the activities of Katherine and Klaus.

As The Vampire Journals appear didn't have any kitsunes, it would have been difficult to put her into the arrangement. In any case, Arcadius, an godlike being with two servants—mythical animals from another culture—was likely at slightest in part propelled by Inari. As another potential association, Inari's gathered granddaughter was named Isobel, the same title as Elena's birth mother within the appear. Other than these dubious references, be that as it may, the character truly doesn't have much impact on the appear.

Meredith Sulez

Meredith Sulez is the greatest nonattendance within The Vampire Journals arrangement, as she was canonically Elena and Bonnie's best companion within the books. Meredith was human but uncommonly strong-minded, standing up to Damon's charm and in the long run being uncovered as a hunter-slayer. She afterward fell for Alaric, and the two remained together all through the arrangement.

Whereas there was a character within the appear named Meredith, Meredith Fell's as it were likeness to Meredith Sulez was her relationship with Alaric. Instep, numerous of her characteristics and plot lines were exchanged to Caroline, who had been a minor antagonist within the books. Had Meredith been within the arrangement, Caroline likely wouldn't have had as interesting of an circular segment, but the human statistic would have way better agents than Matt.

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