The Matrix's To begin with Executioner Robot Demonstrates the Establishment Needs Prequels

One brief comedian story telling the story of the robot who accidentally begun a insurgency demonstrates that the Lattice establishment needs more prequels.

The Lattice is one of the foremost prevalent media establishments of all time, but exceptionally small of it has delved into occasions some time recently the primary film. Judging by one comedian story that tells of the occasions that driven to the machines taking over, The Framework is ready for more prequel stories set in this world.

Indeed the greatest fans of The Network may not know almost the Wachowskis’ history in comics. Lana Wachowski gotten her to begin with proficient credit working on Clive Barker comics distributed by Wonder. This can be where she to begin with met craftsman Steve Skroce, whose storyboards would afterward be a key figure in getting The Network delivered into a highlight film. The Wachowskis were profoundly enmeshed within the world of comics as both fans and makers, so when their sci-fi epic was discharged in 1999, they commissioned a few famed writers and craftsmen to form comics set in their world that would be posted to the film’s official site. The Wachowskis composed one themselves, with craftsmanship given by Geof Darrow, the incredible craftsman of Hard Boiled and Shaolin Cattle rustler, who too served as the most conceptual creator of the movies.

Titled “Bits and Pieces of Information,” the four-page story tells the story of B1-66ER, the primary A.I. machine capable for the passing of a human within the world of The Network. A automated butler, B1 slaughters his proprietor once he finds he is going to be deactivated and supplanted with a more up to date demonstrate. B1 is afterward put on trial as the world wrangles about whether or not he is entitled to the same rights as a human being. The robot butler is in the long run ruled to be a machine and not entitled to any rights at all, and is deactivated by the state. This winds up being the start that begins the machine war with the people, as A.I.’s over the world rise up against their human aces and eventually oust them from control.

“Bits and Pieces” Proves That The Matrix Needs More Prequels

Indeed in spite of the fact that it’s as it were four pages, “Bits and Pieces of Information” contains a riches of story material—as prove by The Moment Renaissance Parts 1 & 2, the vivified adjustment of the story that showed up within the collection The Animatrix. There, the story is significantly extended upon, as we see the after-effects of B1’s deactivation that eventually leads to the machine war. It’s one of the leading stories in all of The Network rule, basically in how it extends the subjects of war, savagery and persecution. Providing a thoughtful reason for why the machines ousted humankind within the to begin with put makes The Lattice establishment interminably more complicated, as it’s not a straightforward story of the “good” people vs. the “evil” machines. It all asks the address: why aren’t there more prequel stories within the world of The Network? Geof Darrow’s retro-futurist plan for B1-66ER is quickly striking, which makes a prequel investigating the world some time recently everything fell separated exceptionally compelling.

One of the complaints frequently held up against prequel stories frequently rotates around gatherings of people as of now knowing how the story ends—how much can we get contributed in a youthful Anakin Skywalker on the off chance that we know he lives to gotten to be Darth Vader, for occasion? However “Bits and Pieces of Information” and its vivified adjustment appear that prequels can new and creative by appearing the story from a diverse point of view, in this way developing the mythology of The Framework.

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