RHOP Fans Impact Robyn’s Pardon for Shooting Mia & Wendy Battle

The Genuine Housewives of Potomac fans are calling out Robyn Dixon's pardon for shooting Wendy Osefo's hazardous battle with Mia Thornton in Miami.

Robyn Dixon is beneath fire after at long last breaking her quiet almost shooting Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo's wine hurl battle on The Genuine Housewives of Potomac. Robyn has been confronting backfire after she sided with Mia and reproved Wendy for "antagonizing" Mia in spite of Mia being the attacker within the skirmish. Mia tossed a glass of wine at Wendy, assaulted her with her satchel, and had to be held back by security. However, Robyn pulled out her phone and shot the show whereas reproving Wendy for "antagonizing" and "bedeviling" Mia. Watchers have seen sufficient of Robyn's steady assaults at Wendy and think she was off-base to apparently pamper Mia and take off Wendy to protect herself.

In the midst of the backfire, Robyn at last broke her hush approximately her behavior amid the battle and shows up to think she was attempting to secure Wendy. Robyn told Nowadays that she considers Mia is off-base for tossing the drink and clarified her issue with Wendy. "I truly needed her to halt since I didn’t need her to do something that she would lament that jeopardized her work or her notoriety," Robyn said. "When I’m telling her ‘you’re being antagonistic,’ I’m telling her that since I’m saying you’re gonna make her do something that you simply don’t need her to do," she clarified. But after Jay's Reality Web journal shared the meet on Twitter, fans were speedy to tear Robyn separated for giving an totally distinctive reaction than what she appeared onscreen. Wendy reacted, saying Robyn held up "Three entirety days and this is often the most excellent they seem come up with."

Robyn Dixon Is Accused of Being Hypocritical

One fan shared a screenshot of Robyn holding up her phone and recording Mia and Wendy's battle whereas smirking. "The same individual who took out her cell phone to film the battle and after that inquired Wendy in case she needed to battle was concerned around her work?!" the fan composed. "Robyn looks so concerned around Wendy," included somebody else. Fans were persuaded that Robyn was never really concerned for Wendy and was instep assist increasing the dramatization by recording. At one point, Robyn indeed told Wendy that in the event that she needed to battle Mia at that point battle her or take off it alone. Fans do not think those are the words somebody who was genuinely concerned for Wendy would say.

After the battle, Robyn and Gizelle Bryant went over to check on Mia in spite of Wendy being the one who was assaulted. Gizelle indeed said Mia required some days "legitimately so" as in the event that Wendy caused her trouble. Earlier to the battle in Miami, Robyn and Wendy have traded words all all through the season. Whereas Robyn is ordinarily known to be more saved and adhere with Gizelle, season 7 has seen Robyn ended up more vocal towards Wendy. Robyn verbally assaulted Wendy on more than one event and at one point, had to be held back from getting into Wendy's confront.

Watchers think Robyn and Gizelle have a individual quarrel against Wendy and are trying to find any opportunity to target her. Wendy and Mia's battle showed up to be the culminate opportunity for Robyn and Gizelle to gang up with Mia and make Wendy see just like the issue. The battle begun after Mia took it upon herself to go up against Wendy approximately a commerce contradiction Wendy had with Diminish Thomas. The fizzled commerce bargain had nothing to do with anybody other than Diminish, however Mia made it her issue, and it driven to a skirmish. Presently, Robyn shows up to be doing harm control, but fans are calling her feign. There will be a parcel to examine at The Genuine Housewives of Potomac season 7 get-together.

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