Extraordinary: 10 Minor Characters That Merited Another Appearance, Concurring To Reddit

These Redditors shared their conclusions approximately which favorite minor character from Extraordinary ought to have gotten another appearance.

The Extraordinary prequel arrangement, The Winchesters, brought back a more youthful Mary and John Winchester. The CW has moreover affirmed Henry Winchester, a brief character in Extraordinary, will be returning within the prequel in an up and coming scene.

Fans are energized to see Henry Winchester back in activity after his inopportune passing within the unique arrangement. In any case, there were numerous other minor characters fans cherished within the arrangement that did not get as much screen time as they ought to have. These Redditors shared their conclusions around which minor character ought to have gotten another appearance.


Magnus, initially known as Cuthbert Sinclair, was a rebel Man Of Letters that learned how to utilize enchantment. He mentored the brother's granddad, Henry Winchester, and made the wards within the bunker. Within the arrangement, he captures Dignitary and tries to include him to his collection of enchanted things whereas he has the Check of Cain.

At the conclusion of this episode, Dignitary closes up murdering Magnus with the Primary Edge. In any case, fans thought his character was curiously and ought to have had another appearance. Reddit client kh-38 said, "Not as it were would it have been cool to see Magnus once more, but I pondered for a LONG time what happened to all the animals in his collection." Since he had a collection assembled over decades, it would have been curiously for the gathering of people to see what he seem do with so much control at his fingertips.

Jo And Ellen

Jo Harvelle was a auxiliary character fans needed to see have her possess spinoff. Her mother and she were both talented seekers, and Ellen ran a bar particularly for seekers. They both kicked the bucket when they were making a difference battle off hellhounds with the Winchester brother.

In spite of the fact that they passed on, there are numerous characters that are brought back by diverse implies, giving the appear the opportunity to bring back basically whoever they needed. Reddit client mishacklecki said, " we got Charlie back, they shouldve brought ellen and jo back - in case charlie may survive in end of the world world they would certainly be driving a few sort of disobedience." This fan thought the substitute world would have been a great opportunity to bring back these two women's activist symbols.


Fiery debris was one of the most excellent side characters that fans quickly fell in cherish with. He was a peculiar person, but he was too a virtuoso that made a difference with chasing by utilizing his insights and computer abilities. In any case, he kicked the bucket in season 2 when the evil presence Azazel burned Ellen's bar to the ground.

As a fan-favorite, who briefly returned when the brothers gone by Paradise in season 5, the gathering of people would have preferred to see him come back, in one shape or another. Reddit client wstdtmflms said, "I'd like to see Cinder once more. Gotta think he's been up to a few odd, cool enterprises in Paradise." With Paradise a repeating setting within the arrangement, it would have been conceivable for him to come back without really being brought back to life.


Tara had a brief part in season 9, showing up as an ancient companion and significant other of John Winchester's. She made a difference Dignitary with the information she had on the Primary Edge. Be that as it may, she was murdered by a evil presence that was following the brothers and was brutally tormented for data.

Reddit client kh-38 pointed out why she ought to have endured longer, expressing, "The appear frantically needs solid ladies, and I thought she had a parcel of potential. I moreover enjoyed her being a seeker who had a small history with John." Tara brought a few history and spunk to the arrangement, and she would have filled a part that was frantically required within the prior seasons: a able, solid female part.

Jesse Turner

Jesse Turner was just overlooked almost within the arrangement, in spite of the fact that he was an curiously and effective character. Whereas working on a case, Sam and Dignitary met Jesse and afterward learned he was an antichrist. At to begin with, Castiel needed to slaughter him since of the danger he postured but afterward permitted Jesse to vanish.

Toward the conclusion of the arrangement, Jesse would have been a youthful grown-up, but he was never brought back. Reddit client InFearn0 said, "Jesse would have a special point of view to share with Jack on the off chance that the two ever met." Considering he had gigantic control comparative to Jack's, it would have been curiously to see him work nearby the Nephilim.


Cain was a complex character that acted as nearly an anti-hero. At to begin with, he makes a difference Dignitary get the Check of Cain so that he might use the Primary Edge. Be that as it may, afterward on, Cain starts murdering off his relatives, accepting they were corrupted, constraining Dignitary to trap and kill him.

Cain wasn't within the appear regularly and for very long, but he was one of the foremost curiously and complex immortals they experience. Reddit client WhiteWhiteBlackOne said, "He’s not minor by any sense, but he had wayyyyy as well small screen time. Timothy Odmundson is an astounding on-screen character and I think him serving in a guide part to Dignitary would’ve been amazing." Rather than making him a lowlife to the conclusion, fans would have preferred to see him work nearby the Winchesters, as numerous other lowlifess had.

Henry Winchester

Henry Winchester was John's long-lost father that comes from the past in season 8. He makes a difference the brothers vanquish Abaddon, but he gets a fatal wound and kicks the bucket within the future, never making it back to his child who thought the man had surrendered him his entirety life.

Henry's storyline was terrible but finished on a great note with him telling Sam and Dignitary he was proud of them and the child he never have to be know. One Reddit client said, "I fair needed that he might fair tell his boy that he didn't [desert] him." It didn't sit well with fans that John never learned the truth approximately his father, and they wish he might have been seen in a few perspective, maybe in Paradise, reconnecting with his child.


Bela Talbot was an adversary within the arrangement, but one fans were especially charmed with. She stole reviled objects and sold them on the dark advertise. She kicked the bucket in season 2 after the gathering of people learns she sold her soul to a junction demon as a youngster to urge freed of her damaging father.

In spite of the fact that she went to hell to be tormented until she got to be a evil presence, that didn't need to be the conclusion of her story. Reddit client amberotini said, "I needed Bella to come back as a evil spirit so terrible. She was buddies with Crowley, and was so great at bargains as of now." In spite of the fact that Lauren Cohen's part within The Strolling Dead made it likely inconceivable for the on-screen character to return, they seem have brought Bela back in another body as a evil spirit.


Charlies Bradbury had one of the most excellent bends within the arrangement, counting her return after her introductory appearance when she made a difference the brothers vanquish an fiendish LARPer that was holding the pixie, Gilda, captive and utilizing her powers for fiendish. After her ace was murdered, Gilda went back to her domain and was never seen once more.

In spite of the fact that she had a brief part in a side scene, fans cherished the association between her and Charlie and needed to see Gilda come back for more experiences. Reddit client bethlehemcrane said, "She and Charlie had an amazing story that they fair dropped. I wish we had more of her." Charlie was the LGBTQ+ representation within the arrangement, and a few gathering of people individuals would have preferred to see her have a upbeat finishing with this interesting character.


Ben returned a number of times all through the arrangement as the child of Dean's cherish intrigued, Lisa. After Sam was caught in Lucifer's Cage, Dignitary lived with Lisa and Ben for a year, getting to be a father figure to the now-teenager. In any case, when they are put in threat, afterward on, Dignitary has Castiel wipe their recollections of him.

Fans were baffled when Lisa affirmed Ben was not Dean's child, as the Winchester had at first suspected, and needed to see it uncovered that he really was a Winchester. Reddit client MuchAdo330 said, "I fair think it would be so extraordinary to have 23 year ancient Ben appear up and be a seeker." Indeed in case the showrunners didn't make Ben a Winchester child, it would have been curiously to see how his encounters with Dignitary influenced him as an grown-up rather than his intellect being wiped and never being seen once more.

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