Criminal Minds' Tara Performing artist Coordinated Horror-Filled Advancement Scene 7

Criminal Minds: Advancement star Aisha Tyler is coordinating the up and coming seventh scene of the modern arrangement, including classic frightfulness impacts.

Criminal Minds: Advancement star Aisha Tyler has coordinated a horror-fueled up and coming scene of the arrangement. Criminal Minds, which taken after a split group of criminal profilers within the FBI's Behavioral Investigation Unit, initially ran on CBS from 2005 through 2020. In spite of the fact that the arrangement was canceled after season 15, it was rapidly restored by Vital+, who rebranded season 16 as Criminal Minds: Evolution and debuted the primary scene on November 24 of this year, featuring the return of numerous individuals of the most cast, counting Tyler as Tara Lewis, Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss, and A.J. Cook as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau.

As of late, TVLine ran a include where they replied readers' questions approximately up and coming tv. One of the foremost relevant questions rotated around the fiercely buzzy Criminal Minds: Advancement and they were able to share a cite from Tyler, who coordinated the up and coming seventh scene of the season, titled "Pieces of Me," which affectation on January 19, 2023. She portrayed the scene as "strongly" and "high-horror," saying that "we've got a few classic frightfulness components and themes." Examined her full cite underneath:

[It's] very intense, a very high-horror [episode.] We’ve got some classic horror elements and motifs that I tried to honor, but also some big emotion. We were sprinting because we had so much story to tell, but I loved directing my family on this one.

Aisha Tyler's History with the Horror Genre

In spite of the fact that she has had bounty of encounter performing in a assortment of diverse sorts and mediums (counting facilitating the comedy commentary appear Conversation Soup between 2001 and 2002), Tyler didn't have as well much experience as an on-screen character within the frightfulness class until final year. In 2021, she broke her horror-less streak with a combine of ventures, starting with the meta-comedy Untitled Frightfulness Film inverse Kal Penn and Darren Barnet. She too showed up on a season 7 scene of the high-profile zombie prequel, Fear the Strolling Dead.

That appearance on Fear the Strolling Dead, an scene she too coordinated, kicked off a string of frightfulness endeavors behind the camera that multiplied her acting yield. In expansion to a 2022 scene of the CBS show Fiendish, she stuck around within the Strolling Dead Universe. After her stretch on Fear the Strolling Dead, she coordinated two scenes of the spin-off spin-off arrangement The Strolling Dead: World Beyond, which takes after the primary era of youthful grown-ups born within the post-apocalypse, as well as one of the ultimate scenes within the final season of The Strolling Dead legitimate.

Her frightfulness coordinating propensity has come full circle with this up and coming scene of Criminal Minds: Advancement. Her first-ever non-short directorial credit was on an scene of Criminal Minds, kicking off her progressively profitable career as an verbose chief. It as it were makes sense that her triumphant return to the director's chair on the arrangement ought to bring her recently discovered encounter back with her, paying tribute to the time she went through creating stunning scenarios for the team on The Strolling Dead.

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