Andor Sets Up Its As it were Great Star Wars Cameo (Not Thrawn Or Palpatine)

Whereas Palpatine or Thrawn would be energizing cameos for Andor season 2, there's as it were one Majestic character whose nearness would be genuinely fitting.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Andor episode 12

Taking after the conclusion of Andor season 1, as it were one major Royal cameo would be culminate for season 2, and it's not Sovereign Palpatine or Fantastic Chief of naval operations Thrawn. After the occasions of the season 1 finale, Cassian Andor will gotten to be indeed more included within the Revolt cause and the Union that will join together in sincere. Be that as it may, the Empire's frameworks of oppression are as it were getting to develop, requiring the require for a mystery extend to begin taking the highlight.

With Andor's post-credits scene affirming the near-completion of the Passing Star, an appearance by Chief Orson Krennic makes sense on numerous levels. Krennic was the chief chief in charge of Extend Stardust some time recently the fight station was taken over by Amazing Moff Tarkin. As such, he served as the chief adversary in Rebel One: A Star Wars Story (depicted by Ben Mendelsohn), which is the endpoint that Andor season 2 is headed for.

Why Krennic Would Be A Perfect Andor Season 2 Cameo

Given Andor's compelling center on the pecking order and legislative issues inside the Majestic Security Bureau, an appearance by Orson Krennic makes a part of sense. Considering the top-secret nature of the Passing Star amid its development, it stands to reason that high-ranking individuals of ISB would be among the few aside from Krennic to know of its presence past Terrific Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, and Head Palpatine. Indeed in the event that it's as it were to supply a report of the status of Extend Stardust and/or address the later generation disturbances taking after the jail revolt on Marina 5, an appearance by Krennic would certainly be beneficial, supporting Andor's movement toward Rebel One: A Star Wars Story.

From a generation angle, it likely wouldn't be troublesome to have an appearance —however long — from Krennic. After all, Ben Mendelsohn's following affirmed venture for Disney is Marvel's Mystery Attack arrangement where he will repeat the part of Talos, the shape-shifting Skrull he to begin with played in Captain Wonder taken after by a cameo in Spider-Man: Distant From Domestic. As such, he certainly wouldn't be a stranger to the thought on the off chance that Lucasfilm needs to create a comparable cameo happen for Andor season 2 with Chief Krennic.

Why Krennic Would Be A Better Andor Cameo Than Thrawn Or Palpatine

Whereas appearances from Sovereign Palpatine or Amazing Chief naval officer Thrawn would be energizing minutes full of buildup, Andor has been lauded for its deviation from the normal demonstrate that's been seen with earlier Star Wars arrangement on Disney+. The references to Palpatine and the modest bunch of name-drops in Andor season 1 are fair as locks in in case not more so with the center being on how he's influenced others and the political scene on a galactic level, instead of fair being centered on his simple nearness.

In spite of the fact that Amazing Chief naval officer Thrawn has ties to ISB and exceeded expectations at chasing down Revolt cells, his nearness as a lowlife will be superior felt amid The Mandalorian-era with arrangement like Ahsoka considering all the buildup encompassing his live-action make a big appearance. In comparison, a potential cameo from Executive Orson Krennic feels more characteristic due to the Passing Star's development and ties to Rebel One: A Star Wars Story. He's not so huge of a character that his nearness would rule Andor season 2 like Palpatine or Thrawn's without a doubt would.

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