All Unsolved Riddles After The Strolling Dead's Arrangement Finale

A few free closes stay after the exceedingly expected Strolling Dead arrangement finale. Here's each secret cleared out unsolved after the show's last scene.

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24

| A few secrets were cleared out unsolved by The Strolling Dead’s last season. In expansion to wrapping up a number of free closes, The Strolling Dead arrangement finale given a few much-needed uncovers, counting subtle elements around what happened to Rick and Michonne. In any case, a number of the waiting questions from past seasons weren’t tended to at all.

The Strolling Dead arrangement finale’s setup and the franchise’s future make it clear that AMC does in fact have a few answers arranged. How Daryl gets to France, what Rick has been up to since he was stole by the CRM, and how he’ll get to rejoin with his children are all things that are beyond any doubt to be handled by the up and coming Strolling Dead spinoffs. There are other secrets, in spite of the fact that, which will or may not fit straightforwardly into any of the three modern appears. There was some desire that a couple of would be managed with by season 11, but that eventually was not the case. Here’s each puzzle cleared out unsolved by The Strolling Dead arrangement finale.

Spear Hornsby sparked all sorts of theory when he attempted to rouse fear within the fundamental characters by bringing up “certain alliances” that the Commonwealth as of now has within The Strolling Dead’s world. Concurring to him, Spear Hornsby’s passing will trigger a strife with these so-called partners, whomever they may be. When this comment was made, it was broadly expected that by the conclusion of the arrangement, the personality of the Commonwealth’s mystery partners would be uncovered, but such a uncover never really happened. As for who he may have been alluding to, the driving hypothesis is that the Commonwealth was in association with the CRM.

What Alliances Did The Commonwealth Have?

In spite of the fact that The Strolling Dead has finished, a chance still exists for the establishment to investigate Lance’s inauspicious caution. The Commonwealth doesn’t have any affirmed appearances on the skyline, but a CRM association may be pertinent to the story of Rick and Michonne’s spinoff. In truth, it may be how the couple inevitably gets back to their family and companions after the spinoff.

Within The Strolling Dead season 11 portion 3, it was found that a few of the individuals sent on the Commonwealth’s prepare were labeled “Designation 2.” The meaning of this code express was examined, but never completely clarified. As one Commonwealth warrior put it, detainees classified as “Designation 2” are sent some place “far away.” Anything their goal is, it shows up to be an elective to labor camps like Station 22. Comparable to Spear Hornsby’s “certain alliances” line, this seem have been a gesture to the CRM. On the off chance that the Commonwealth is associated with the CRM, the nature of their organization may rotate around human trafficking. Spear might have been giving them individuals the CRM regarded valuable.

What Was Designation 2?

It’s been a long time since Heath vanished in a season 7 scene, and indeed presently, his correct whereabouts are still obscure. Clues have been advertised, but there’s no telling on the off chance that he’s lively or dead. It’s no mystery at this point that Heath was taken by the CRM. Not as it were was his van spotted at the domestic of Jadis (a known CRM contact), but showrunner Angela Kang affirmed the association. In the event that Heath performing artist Corey Hawkins does rejoin The Strolling Dead universe, openings to return to him ought to emerge in one of the three spinoffs.

Is Heath Alive Or Dead?

That’s not difficult to assume, particularly when considering that the CRM will be vital to Rick and Michonne’s appear and may be a portion of Daryl Dixon’s story as well. Either way, it may well be uncovered that like Rick Grimes, Heath was kept lively by the CRM as one of its specialists. On the other hand, they may discover out that Heath passed on in an elude endeavor or was one of the numerous test subjects who didn’t survive the CRM’s zombie infection tests. This would be a baffling determination to the story, but at slightest it would give an reply to a long-running secret.

Within the same scene where Heath vanished, The Strolling Dead made a moment riddle when it included a see at a card with the letters “PPP” composed the front. Tara found it at the location of Heath’s vanishing. Since Heath was taken by the CRM, it probably has associations to the organization but its full meaning remains one of The Strolling Dead’s greatest privileged insights. Whereas that was a long time prior, the establishment certainly hasn’t overlooked it through and through. Another PPP card appeared up in a Stories of the Strolling Dead scene. It was seen within the possessions of Davon, an amnesiac survivor with conceivable CRM ties.

What Does The PPP Card Mean?

It was said within The Strolling Dead’s penultimate scene that the individuals of Oceanside were casualties of an ambush propelled by the Commonwealth. Luke and Jules survived long sufficient to meet up with the most characters, but the destiny of the community as a entire was cleared out up within the discuss. Oceanside never showed up once more, which driven to the impression that the Commonwealth wiped them out. But, Eugene’s comment in The Strolling Dead arrangement finale almost looking forward to a swim at Oceanside has put this conviction in question.

What Happened To Oceanside?

For its last clump of scenes, The Strolling Dead stunned its heroes by bringing back season 1’s more intelligent and quicker zombies. One specific walker included in season 11 picked up a cut dropped by Lydia. The suggestion was that the zombie, presently equipped with a weapon, had the implies to murder off a key character on the appear. Be that as it may, that didn’t come to to pass, and the zombie in address never made a moment appearance. In show disdain toward of all the zombies they battled within the final few scenes, none of the Alexandrians came over a knife-wielding walker.

What About The Zombie With The Knife?

The nearness of the variation walkers made a few complications for the ultimate fight within The Strolling Dead arrangement finale, but no endeavors were made to clarify their beginnings. The characters have communicated their dishearten when seeing these zombies, but they haven’t burrowed any more profound into where these zombies come from. Unless the infection has some way or another advanced actually, it may be that their sudden entry on the show is connected to whatever incident happened within the lab in France within The Strolling Dead: World Beyond’s finishing. But indeed on the off chance that that's genuine, that wouldn’t account for the zombies being within the region of the Commonwealth. Hypothetically, the clarification for all this may be laid out when Norman Reedus’ character makes the trip to France in Daryl Dixon.

Where Did Variants Come From?

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